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NTNU's new toy!

NTNU has just bought a 7,5 Tflop computer!

This is possibly Norway's and scandinavias most expensive computer. The super computer can handle 7,5 Tflops or 7 500 000 000 000 Floating Point Operation Per Second.
The supercomputer is named after the Norse god of Wind. It's price tag you might say? 5 million bucks (30 million kroner), just for the computer and another 3.4 million bucks (20 million kroner) for the building its going to be in. They have invested in this supermachine from IBM, to calculate the weather, simulate car crashes (much cheaper than crashing real cars), and i guess it will be a nice toy for the students and teachers at NTNU. Half of the expense is covered by the Norwegian Research Council (Norsk Forskiningsråd) that also wants to play with it:P But why did they really need a new one? They have a coumputer that can calculate 1 Tflop/s. But it wase't good enough for them. They might have felt that they were falling behind other private and government sector.

Source: (http://www.ntnu.no/pm/11.06/tungregning_pm.pdf)


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