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Web Rebels Day 1 2015

Thursday the 21th May 2015 the 1st conference day, with 8 talks.

Barbara Bermes

Third Party Footprint: Evaluating the Performance of External Scripts (Slides) (Video)

Brian J Brennan

Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Cyberspace (Slides) (Video)

Brittany Storoz

Intelligent Design: Application Architecture of the Human Body (Slides) (Video)

Jenn Schiffer

Who Visualized the Bomp? (Slides) (Video)

Dale Harvey

The offline web (Slides) (Video)

Fergus McDowall

An introduction to search-index.js (Slides) (Video)

Mikeal Rogers

Rules for Rebels (Video)

Christian Johansen

Immutable JavaScript (“Slides”) (Video)

All the pritty drawings are from @elisabethirg. I also wrote about day 2.


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