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Web Rebels Day 2 2015

Mathias Bynens

JavaScript ♥ Unicode (Slides) (Video)

Lars Hansen

Shared-memory multicore computation in JavaScript (Video)

C J Silverio

Cheating Gall’s Law (Slides) (Video)

David Rousset

Creating immersive 3D and audio web experiences with Babylon.js (Slides) (Video)

Suz Hinton

Babbling with the merfolk: between the layers of JavaScript hardware (Slides) (Video)

Mairead Buchan

VR in the browser with Leap motion and Google cardboard (Slides) (Video)

Linda Sandvik

Raising the next generation of rebels (Video)

Matthew Podwysocki

Async Programming at Netflix (Slides) (Video)

Group photo

Web Rebels Group Photo

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