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Oneshot Oslo 2015

Mikeal Rogers

10 Questions/Answers about io.js and The Node Foundation (Video)

Mats Olsen

Authentication with JSON Web Tokens (Slides)

Mathias Buus

Rethinking deployment for the future (Slides) (Video)

Magnus Green

Azure + nodejs = true (Slides) (Video)

David Mark Clements

Deploying microservices (Slides) (Video)

Suz Hinton

Don’t delete the datasheet - writing and publishing libraries for hardware in NodeJS (Slides) (Video)

Eirik Langholm Vullum

Building a news aggregator using streams (Slides) (Video)

C J Silverio

Npm registry 2.0 deep dive (Slides) (Video)


Some fun things to do with svg (Video)

Oneshot Oslo


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