19/8 - Cleaning my room

By Anders Olsen Sandvik on

Today the main goal was to prepare for tomorrows big day. First day of school. And by that I mean cleaning my room from head to toe:P For breakfast I had some ham and chees toast. Then Jørgen, my brother, suggested we watched a movie. "Disturbia" was it's name. The movie was just plain and simple, a pretty okay movie. It got a little freakish at the end. So I had to start cleaning my room. I started with all the stacks of papier that had piled up during the last months. Basically that was it to cleaning my room. I finished off with TMNT: Teenage mutant ninja turtles. I really thought the movie would be IRL (In real life), but it was animated. I wasn't disappointed. The quality was extreme. They did a good job to be honest. That was about it for the entire day.



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