14/8 - Driving Teacher

By Anders Olsen Sandvik on

After a quick breakfast I had to take the buss at 14:38 to Lillestrøm. I was going to meet Arvid, my driving instructor. I was really exited to se how he was like and how it would be. I have only practice driven with my mom and my dad until now. I had a session at 15:15 odd time, but I got there on time. My first impression of him was really good. A driving teacher with some experience. He told me he had been a driving instructor since 1972 (35 years). He was very calm and we went to his car. It was a Volvo, a very new one. He told me how we were going to do this. He had planed a route that he takes all his students on. The route has lots of different situations. He told me to pretend I was driving with my dad/mom and just listen to his instructions. We drove for about an hour. It was a very varied route with very many situations but i made it through. When I finished we had a chat. He told me i did very well. It was very likely that I would get my license on my birthday. Its not a must, but it's a goal to get it by then. He told me that there were only two things I had to practice on for the next lesson. It was roundabouts and some special type of interceptions. My next lesson would be when I got my school schedule so i know when I have time.
Later this day it was poker time with my best friend Joachim and his cousin. Not for money this time, just for fun. I finished in second after his cousin, Bergersen. I helped him fix his broadband for his laptop. He has bought a wireless connection threw a mobile phone SIM card. Telenor has about 300 hotspots around Norway. A good idea. That's it for now.

Anders :D

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