16/8 - Getting a Haircut

By Anders Olsen Sandvik on

Today my mom was taking my brothers and I to get our hair cut. You know I have to look good for the first day of school. She was home from work about three thirty. At the hairdresser there was a big que for the drop-in and we just had to sit and wait. My mom and dad vent to Cafe TID meanwhile. One of my brothers didn't like the idea of cutting his hair, so he arranged a deal with my dad. About an hour and a half kilo hair later we went to get some school utensils. Then my mom invited us all to Peppes, its a local pizza hut. Later that day, when we were home my brother wanted to watch a movie. We decided on Transformers. It was a good movie. Its funny how they can use computer animations to make the cars come alive. The story was thrilling and exiting and it left us with a hint that there will be a sequel. That was it for today...


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