13/8 - Newsletter

13/8 - Newsletter

By Anders Olsen Sandvik on

Today I used most of the day trying to figure out how to send a newsletter. Well it was more complicated than it sounds. It's for a local cafe shop. A very down to earth place. It's called "Cafe TID". TID meaning time. They have a saying that's like this: take a break in your life and relax with a cup of coffee. Many coffee houses does this but there is something special with this one. All the clocks in the shop are still. It's just a big pause, anyway, now I'm rambling. I was trying to send the Newsletter, but it got really annoying when O found out that Office can't send HTML coded e-mails. I guess it's because of some security or something. That causes a lot of problems since i have coded a very nice newsletter in HTML. After a couple of hours i finally found a way. I found a shareware that you could edit the source code with. But with this program cam along another problem. When you send a mail with their program there is an add at the bottom of the e-mail. But luckily this was no biggie. I just sent it to my mail and forwarded it to the about 200 contacts. I'm very proud of that one, even though it was a fairly simple design. I might post it here sometime, but not now.
For dinner we had lamb chops. They were very good. The chef had done an excellent job (If you didn't catch that it was me who made them :P). Then it was off too work. Working from 5 til 10 at a gas station. Not much to say about it. It's work. But i managed. I just started for a couple of weeks ago. Today I sat a new record. Both breaking even in the registry and being out of the building with the alarm on just 5 past. It can't be done better :D
Then when a cam i have just been surfing the web. After this blog I'm going to watch the first episode of Heroes. A good friend recomended it and from what I have read it sounds very intresting. Well wish me good luck :P

Yours truly,


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