14/8 - Track & Field

By Anders Olsen Sandvik on

My old track and field coach asked me if I could represent the local team in a competition in Kristiansand in some weeks. It's me and 3 others that are running 1000 m. It's split up in 100, 200, 300 and 400 m. My job is to run 100 m. (^^, ) I accepted so today was my first practice. Unfortunately only the daughter of the coach and I showed up. The others were probably scared of the weather. There had been a lot of dark clouds in the sky this morning. We practice outside too. I started with some warm-ups by running around and then some stretching. Then I needed to refresh my memory of how to start. We started with learning how to set it up. When I am going to compete I have to do this all by my self. After that I got some pointers on my starting positions. You know when he says: "Ready" "Set" "Go". He said I did pretty well for it being so long ago since i did this. Then we just practiced running a couple of times. That was it for the day and we finished with stretching. Luckily i caught a ride with the coach home.
When i got home, i had to struggle with the newsletter for Cafe TID. I have designed the newsletter in HTML and Outlook won't accept it. I guess it's for security reasons. So i downloaded a Shareware where i could manipulate the source code. It worked very well for the first newsletter but it wouldn't work for this one now. It might be because you have to pay after you send 3 mails or something, and i used them all on testing the first one. Around eleven i got a "light bulb" idea. I only needed the HTML code for the design, and that I already have from the first one. So i replaced the text and it worked. Finally it was sent and i could stop worrying about it. Then it was time for one more thrilling episode of Heroes!


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