Big update of Windows XP on the way!

By Anders Olsen Sandvik on

SP3 (Server Pack 3)
Earlier Microsoft said they wasn't going to release anything for Windows XP after SP2. The new server pack also known as: "SP3" vil be a big one. My source says that Microsoft has released a test version that only a small groupe of testers have gotten their hands on. Very few of the big IT-users has adopted Vista into their systems and are still using XP. This is very good news for those cooperations. XP is still alive! I have chosen not to upgrade to vista, because i believe that my gain will be less than my loss. This will certainly strengthen my decision! Vista has gotten two new updates this last month, but they were only 21 MB in size. SP3 will be gigantic. The test version that is being tested is a size of 350 MB!! It's said that it will correct 900 errors in the OS (Operative System). There is no clear date yet for release. The only comment Microsoft has is that it will be released sometime in the 3rd quarter.

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