NordicJS 2014

By Anders Olsen Sandvik on

So this is my write-up on the NordicJS conference.
I will update with all the slides and videos as soon as they are posted.

List of slides #

Day 1 #

Robert Nyman: "Keynote: Five Stages of Development"

Emily Rose: ["TBA"]

Sergi Mansilla: "The fourth dimension"

Leah Culver: "Dropbox APIs for JavaScript developers"

Jina Bolton: "Style Guide Driven UI Design"

Caroline Drucker: ["I'm a feminist and so can you!"]

Kim Joar Bekkelund: "Writing Beautiful JavaScript Tests"

Day 2 #

Ellen Sundh: ["Node.js physical interactions"]

Douglas Crockford: ["The Better Parts"]

Tiffany Conroy: "Lions and Tigers and Handling User Capabilities"

Reginald Braithwaite: "The Art of the JavaScript Metaobject Protocol"

Kassandra Perch: "Stop the Fanaticism!"

Hakim El Hattab: "Visual JavaScript Experiments"

Tom Dale: ["The Road to Web Components"]

Day 1 (September 18th 2014) #

We took some 🚢 (boats) to the conference.

På Cinderellabåt genom Baggensstäket. Trodde inte att det skulle gå faktiskt. #nordicjs

— Ann-Cathrin Näsström (@ankan_nasstrom) September 18, 2014

Got a small cheese bread roll for breakfast on the boat.

Breakfast bags and coffee in place! Nordic.js day 2 is about to begin. #nordicjs

— Stefan Hedman (@schteppe) September 19, 2014

Very beautiful out here. #nordicjs

— Denis Dervisevic (@iEchuu) September 19, 2014

and the last nature in focus for this great convention location @nordicjs #NordicJS

— Vinicius Dallacqua (@WebTwitr) September 19, 2014

Lots of balloons 🎉🎈.

Well good morning sweden #nordicjs

— Graham Gilchrist (@grahamgilchrist) September 18, 2014

Funny and entertaining host @pushmatrix.
He had lots of creative ways to annonce the next speakers and inform us.

Want to buy the shirt I’m wearing at #nordicjs?!There’s a discount code in your bag

— Daniel Beauchamp (@pushmatrix) September 18, 2014

If I ever succeed at throwing a conference, I'm hiring @pushmatrix to be the host. #nordicjs

— ₍˄ุ.͡˳̫.˄ุ₎ (@jina) September 19, 2014

More scenic shots.

Beautiful out here at #nordicjs

— Teddy Zetterlund (@teddyzetterlund) September 18, 2014

More balloons.

I'm totally having two awesome days at #nordicjs! The amount of balloons is just perfect! 👌

— Lovisa Dahl (@indiefarmor) September 19, 2014

Sweet stage!

Wow. Awesome venue and stage at #nordicjs!

— Peter Müller (@_munter_) September 18, 2014

"Keynote: Five Stages of Development" #

Speaker: Robert Nyman
Talk: Mostly talks about the Firefox developer tools.

Firefox Dev tools to debug all browsers (yeah well, we'll see about IE), both desktop and mobile. Awesome! #nordicjs

— Carl Littke (@CarlLittke) September 18, 2014

["TBA"] #

Speaker: Emily Rose
Talk: She made a relative keytar or JavaScript Samchillian in Node.js. Most of the talk is with people playing it.

Okay, now @pushmatrix & @nexxylove are doing interpretative dance to the sound of a relative keytar! #nordicjs

— Pop Bergqvist (@peppelorum) September 18, 2014

"The fourth dimension" #

Speaker: Sergi Mansilla
Talk: Functional reactive programming

“Programming should be more about the WHAT than about the HOW.” #nordicjs

— Andreas Eldh (@eldh) September 18, 2014

#nordicjs reactive programming

— Sergej (@nonradioactive) September 18, 2014

"Dropbox APIs for JavaScript developers" #

Speaker: Leah Culver
Talk: She talked about the Dropbox API.

The Nordic.js scene is a sine wave heightfield.. #nordicjs

— Stefan Hedman (@schteppe) September 18, 2014

"Style Guide Driven UI Design" #

Speaker: Jina Bolton
Talks: Basically style guides. Single source of truth. Theo

Nice talk about Style Guides by @jina today at #nordicjs

— Joakim Westerlund (@joakwest) September 18, 2014

"Theo" styleguide theme generator from @jina talk at #Nordicjs

— Filip Michałowski (@fmmm) September 18, 2014

Theo: a theme token npm module. Sass, less, stylus, aura, etc. #nordicjs #styleguide #nodejs

— Emil Wall (@erif89) September 18, 2014

["I'm a feminist and so can you!"] #

Speaker: Caroline Drucker
Talks: Privilege and equality.

Excellent talk by Caroline Drucker on privilege and equality from a women-in-tech perspektive! @bougie #nordicjs

— Johanna Gustafsson (@mittistormen) September 18, 2014

Question company culture, or you'll miss out on diversity. @Bougie #nordicjs #techfeminism

— Emil Wall (@erif89) September 18, 2014

"Writing Beautiful JavaScript Tests" #

Speaker: Kim Joar Bekkelund
Talk: In my humble opinion this was todays best talk. It was about testing and lessons learned.

The most important thing that yours tests do is to fail. #nordicjs

— Jesper Petersson (@PeterssonJesper) September 18, 2014

Make sure your tests FAILS when they are supposed to. @kimjoar #javascript #test #jasmine #nordicjs

— Kimpa Kofot (@ze7en) September 18, 2014

Lightning talks #

Lightning talk 1 #

Talk: Beers.js

The beers.js framework from my lightning talk @nordicjs #nordicjs

— Otto Vehviläinen (@Mumakil) September 18, 2014

Lightning talk 2 #


Lightning talk 3 #

Talk: NaCl

Yay! @JohanObrink från @Iteam1337 pratar om NaCl. #nordicjs

— Martin Loman (@martinloman) September 18, 2014

Lightning talk 4 #

Talk: @KidsHackDay

@paulobarcelos and @murilopolese from Oakwood are talking about their involvement in @KidsHackDay at #nordicjs

— Oakwood Creative (@oakwoodcreative) September 18, 2014

Lightning talk 5 #

Talk: RFID Thing

Festen! - Dinner and Party @ Trädgården

Best party ever!! #nordicjs

— Ruben Teijeiro (@rteijeiro) September 18, 2014

Day 2 #

Ready for day 2.

Great people at this great conference #NordicJS

— Vinicius Dallacqua (@WebTwitr) September 18, 2014

["Node.js physical interactions"] #

Speaker: Ellen Sundh
Talk: Arduino, Raspberry PI and a big robot claw.

Perfect start of day 2 at #nordicjs. @ellensundh shows how she built the largest claw machine w. raspberry pi & JS!

— Daniel Öhrlund (@rockdanne) September 19, 2014

"I use JavaScript on the backend, the frontend and in the hardware." #nordicjs @ellensundh very cool embedded stuff!

— Steen H. Rasmussen (@steenhulthin) September 19, 2014

@ellensundh going through hardware projects based on #nodejs #raspberrypi and #arduino at #nordicjs . Nice with actual code being shown :-)

— Emil Giljam (@eGiljam) September 19, 2014

["The Better Parts"] #

Speaker: Douglas Crockford
Talk: The better parts of ES6 according to Crockford

Douglas Crockford!! The Better Parts.#nordicjs

— Lady Zahra (@ZeeJab) September 19, 2014

ES6 gets proper tail calls. "JS will be a real functional language." - Douglas Crockford #nordicjs

— Steen H. Rasmussen (@steenhulthin) September 19, 2014

#nordicjs For that person designing THE future language this is for you, with love from Crockford

— Geries Handal (@gtothesquare) September 19, 2014

The key take away from Douglas Crockfords talk: realising and admitting that you are wrong is how you progress. #nordicjs

— Henrik Hansson (@hagerhink) September 19, 2014

["Lions and Tigers and Handling User Capabilities"] #

Speaker: Tiffany Conroy
Talk: User capabilities with good UX.

"If you want to learn something, do a talk about it. You will learn so much!" ~@theophani #nordicjs

— Kristofer Palmvik (@KPalmvik) September 19, 2014

["The Art of the JavaScript Metaobject Protocol"] #

Speaker: Reginald Braithwaite
Talk: Controll your state.

.@raganwald on stage at #nordicjs

— Nordic.js (@nordicjs) September 19, 2014

Very interesting idea: 'double' versioning of software. one version number for the interface and one for the impl. @raganwald #nordicjs

— Steen H. Rasmussen (@steenhulthin) September 19, 2014

["Stop the Fanaticism!"] #

Speaker: Kassandra Perch
Talk: Have an open mind about tools or frameworks and don't hate.

Spot on talk by @nodebotanist regarding fw-hate. It’s a hot topic during the breaks at #nordicjs. Use the right tool for the right purpose.

— Patrik Wibron (@wibron) September 19, 2014

Best talk yet by @kassandra_perch / @nodebotanist, bashing Crockford's fanatism totally! #nordicjs

— Martin Kurtsson (@mkson) September 19, 2014

.@nodebotanist is really delivering! Awesome talk about having an open mind about tools or frameworks that you may not like #nordicjs

— Elin Nilsson (@hejelinnilsson) September 19, 2014

["Visual JavaScript Experiments"] #

Speaker: Hakim El Hattab
Talk: Cool inspiring canvas demos and Slides.

Cool and inspiring HTML/JS canvas demos by @hakimel at #nordicjs

— Kristofer Palmvik (@KPalmvik) September 19, 2014

“You need a box to think outside of the box” - @hakimel at #nordicjs

— Plamen Todorov (@pltod) September 19, 2014

Hakim taking us on a tour of some magical beautiful fun projects. Feeling excited about code :) @hakimel #nordicjs #passion

— Emma Rose Metcalfe (@erm___) September 19, 2014

["The Road to Web Components"] #

Speaker: Tom Dale
Talk: Web components and live coding!

Lightning talk 6 #


Lightning talk 7 #


Lightning talk 8 #

Talk: Acid Rain

Lightning talk 9 #

Talk: Node.JS and Raspberry Pi.

Lightning talk 10 #

Talk: GooTech

A tech heavy conference where half of the headliners are #womenintech. Fantastic work, #nordicjs!

— Carl-Erik Kopseng (@kopseng) September 19, 2014

Yeah and there was lots of Fika.

Fika #NordicJS

— Anders Olsen Sandvik (@Andersos) September 19, 2014

Thanks for the conference!


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