Open Mic 2015

Open Mic 2015

By Anders Olsen Sandvik on

So I was really lucky to be a part of the Web Rebels 2015 crew. One of my responsibilities was to host the Open Mic event the day before the Web Rebels conference. Open mic is where we invite the conference participants to a social event with a couple of lightning talks. I have collected the slides and some pictures from the event in this post. Feel free to have a look πŸ˜€.

Kristofer Walters #

Building web components

Kristofer Walters

AsbjΓΈrn Andersen #

Exploring a simpler abstraction for swarms.

Lotte Johansen #

Accessibility for everyone

Lotte Johansen

Krisztina Matyi #

Introduction to

Maxim Salnikov #

Graphics on web: past, present and future

Marius Nielsen #

From jQuery to React at Xeneta (Slides)

Espen Klem #

Personal Search - Your digital life searchable?

You can also read about the first conference day.

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