Smidig 2015

Smidig 2015

By Anders Olsen Sandvik on

This post is a summary of the talks I watched for Smidig 2015.

Common Talk: Det handler ikke om hva du gjør, men hva du er.

Common Talk: Post-Lean and Higher-Order Organizations: Building the Future

First split #

I wanted to do the Playing Lean but since I am a Kickstarter backer I could do this at another time. So instead I listened to the lightningtalks in Kunst.

Second split #

Now I wanted to go check out a longer talk. This talk was about #NoEstimates. This topic is really far way from my everyday work since we don't do any estimates. I guess its always good to see other peoples point of view and this seems to confirm I must be doing something right.

Lanyard #

Third split #

A new group of lightningtalks.

Kaizen Camp #

So there was no info about this beforehand. The organizers should really have written something about it beforehand. Basically this ended up being some sort of open spaces or lean coffee thing.

Day 2 #

Common Talk: Do you have the courage to be agile? By Gitte Klitgaard

First split day 2 #

Rask respons, tillit og kvalitet by Arild Strømhylden

Continuous delivery in the mobile business by Jerome Lacoste
So this talk is tips about how We want to know dose mobile CD.
Worth a look.

Jeg er frelst by Tor Glistrup

Kraften i tilgivelse og tillatelse by Jahn Arne Johnsen

Second split #

What's the Power of Your Culture? by Ivana Gancheva

Have you forgotten the Core Project Management Skills? by Marty Cochrane

Safe Lean Agile Devops Scrumban - SLADOS by Marcus Ahnve
I think he was trying to be funny. I dont know a lot about Scrum certification so I didnt get it.

How to Volkswagen Your IT Project by Filip van Laenen
General tips for a better workflow

Third split #

'Bruk og kast' utvikling gir bedre produkter by Christin Gorman
This talk is worth a look.

Feedback #

Some feedback from my point of view.
It would be nice if the organizers could make a nice program that fit in the lanyard folder.
I prefere less tracks. Felt it was a lot to choose between three tracks at times.
Would be nice with more drink options, a lot of focus on coffe witch I dont drink.
The food was really nice but the lunch was really long as well. Too long if you ask me.

Thanks for me. It was fun to see what this smidig movement was about.
There was a lot of energy and a bunch of people wanting to share from their experiences.
Thanks for all the learning

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