By Anders Olsen Sandvik on

After @leftieFriele left, to work on Pelp, someone had to take the ownership of's tech blog. That someone was me. One of the first things we did was to migrate the blog from a self hosted Wordpress solution over to Jekyll. The Jekyll solution is hosted on [Finn's Github]( organization. I have written a little about [why and how]( on the [blog](

After the move I did a presentation about the blog on Finn's weekly Academy (28.01). This was to introduce our developers to the new platform. Hopefully it encourages more sharing of our knowledge. We at Finn want to have a more active blog. Some of our goals for this year is to have more than 24 posts from more than 12 authors. Hope we reach our goals.

Other posts I have written on that blog includes a summary of our [techday in 2014]( I did some digging in the database and posted a list of [top email domains]( used for Finn accounts. I also reposted one of our press releases into a [post]( logo

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