TEDx Oslo 2015

By Anders Olsen Sandvik on

I love watching TED talks on Youtube. This Christmas my girlfriend got us tickets to see TEDx Oslo 2015. This was the fourth TEDx Oslo and it was located in the beautiful Universitetets aula where there are many great paintings from Edvard Munch. Here are some of the interesting talks:

All the videos can be found in this playlist. I also included some of tweets in this post.

Pretty cool room to host #tedxoslo in. Munch paintings on either side. Ideas worth spreading front and centre. pic.twitter.com/J2CC1A75yq

— Raymond Gangstad (@rgangstad) January 29, 2015

"The narrative of Africa hasn't changed since 1965 - the picture is should be more nuanced" #markeddo #tedxoslo pic.twitter.com/UT2tkgLMPF

— Maren Trones (@MarenTrones) January 29, 2015

Roger Antonsen er en fantastisk storyteller og #forenkler. #Tedxoslo rå! pic.twitter.com/yWsdxKsJBM

— Ove Kenneth Nilsen (@Forenkle) January 29, 2015

Herreguuuud matte og tall er kult! @rantonse rocker scenen på #TEDxOslo pic.twitter.com/2ftXVXb9zD

— Vivi Hatlem (@frkVivi) January 29, 2015

Ready for #TedxOslo with @ToneSand @martinuteng pic.twitter.com/IYTsNyx3ZP

— Ole Syrrist-Leite (@olesyrristleite) January 29, 2015

#tedxoslo #teachkidscode #lærkidsakoding #torgeirwaterhouse @beathe thinking of you! pic.twitter.com/Mxt8MMcJkA

— Elham Binai (@elhambinai) January 29, 2015

'Western media very limiting, especially for girls'. @OdaFaremo om oppvekst, ungdom, mediepåvirkning. #tedxoslo pic.twitter.com/qJpN515eu7

— Kristin Grøntoft (@KristinGrontoft) January 29, 2015


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