Web Rebels 2014

By Anders Olsen Sandvik on

After the conference I held a presentation at Framsieforum (Finn.no). In the presentation I talked about all the talks and what they were about. Web Rebels 2014 in 5 minutes.

Jessica Lord #

Git-it, Share it (Slides) (Video)

My #webrebels talk on Git-it slides are up here: https://t.co/RulPYao8TB and https://t.co/Je0KFuhzjU

— Jessica Lord (@jllord) May 22, 2014
Jessica Lord

Anette Bergo #

Rebel and Evolve: Moving beyond point-and-click (Slides) (Video)

Anette Bergo

Patrick H. Lauke #

Getting touchy - an introduction to touch and pointer events (Slides) (Video)

slides from "getting touchy - an intro to touch and pointer events"" at #webrebels HTML: https://t.co/yDdt48RKAh PDF: https://t.co/i3YDkH4t9O

— patrick h. lauke (@patrick_h_lauke) May 22, 2014
Patrick H. Lauke

Nuno Job #

process.env.NODE_ENV === 'PRODUCTION' for all your "webscale" apps! (Slides) (Video)

#webrebels here are the slides and demos https://t.co/tV36mqJ0EU — If you want a cat robot ask @gorhgorh for the blueprint

— Nuno Job (@dscape) May 22, 2014
Nuno Job

Arnout Kazemier #

Transforming WebSockets (Slides) (Video)

Arnout Kazemier

Mathias Buus Madsen #

Bittorrent, Streams and JavaScript (Slides) (Video)

Get my webrebels 2014 slides on BitTorrent, Streams and Javascript here, https://t.co/gAMuC0PMZV #webrebels #nodejs

— Mathias Buus (@mafintosh) May 22, 2014
Mathias Buus Madsen

Angus Croll #

Stop being Perfect (Slides) (Video)

the slides from my presentation today at web rebels, oslo: "stop being perfect" https://t.co/pfVP6An89C

— angus (@angustweets) May 22, 2014
Angus Croll

Marijn Haverbeke #

Seeing Types in JavaScript (Slides)

Slides for my #webrebels talk are at https://t.co/CHEmKxfaUL

— Marijn Haverbeke (@marijnjh) May 23, 2014
Marijn Haverbeke

Arne Martin Aurlien #

Not Mobile-Unfriendly UI Components With React (Slides) (Video)

Slides/code from my talk: https://t.co/vDFE7cZyYM My slide tool: https://t.co/OzqcX1mkp7 React-topcoat: https://t.co/ANiCJnPBwK #webrebels

— Arne Martın (@arnemart) May 23, 2014
Arne Martin Aurlien

Mikola Lysenko #

ndarray: Modular multidimensional arrays for JavaScript (Slides) (Video)

Mikola Lysenko

Vyacheslav “mraleph” Egorov #

Crooked Mirrors of Performance (Slides) (Video)

my slides for #webrebels https://t.co/cDT5zKPoWY [IRHydra2 version be redeployed later when I get to it]

— Vyacheslav Egorov (@mraleph) May 23, 2014

Camille Teicheira #

Geography for Web Mapping: the Good, the Bad, and the Stuff You Can Forget (Slides) (Video)

Oh yeah, my slides #webrebels: https://t.co/KLYzSwCEdb

— Camille Teicheira (@fulgenteft) May 23, 2014
Camille Teicheira

Parisa Tabriz #

Got TLS? An overview of why you need it and how to do it right. (Slides) (Video)

An updated slide deck of my "got TLS?" talk from @web_rebels at https://t.co/RM9PQdUR7l... now go get TLS!

— Security Princess (@laparisa) May 23, 2014
Parisa Tabriz

James “substack” Halliday #

The ghost of javascript future (Video)


Max Ogden #

The LEBRON Stack: It's a Slam Dunk (Slides) (Video)

Max Ogden

The day after the conference I went to NodeSchool Norway Tour with Max Ogden and Jessica Lord. I had lots of fun. It was the first time I tried NodeSchool. What a great way of learning.

All the pritty drawings are from @elisabethirg.


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