Web Rebels Day 2 2015

Web Rebels Day 2 2015

By Anders Olsen Sandvik on

Mathias Bynens #

JavaScript β™₯ Unicode (Slides) (Video)

Lars Hansen #

Shared-memory multicore computation in JavaScript (Video)

C J Silverio #

Cheating Gall's Law (Slides) (Video)

David Rousset #

Creating immersive 3D and audio web experiences with Babylon.js (Slides) (Video)

Suz Hinton #

Babbling with the merfolk: between the layers of JavaScript hardware (Slides) (Video)

Mairead Buchan #

VR in the browser with Leap motion and Google cardboard (Video)

Linda Sandvik #

Raising the next generation of rebels (Video)

Matthew Podwysocki #

Async Programming at Netflix (Slides) (Video)

Group photo #

Web Rebels Group Photo

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